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16th Sixteen

by Kaptivated

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Lyrics: Yeah, it’s Kaptivated on the mic / yeah, I rap to raise him up / accolades or none / I'll be adamant and never be ashamed, I can make that oath like an affidavit, uh / that’s right, that’s right, you should know what I’m about by now / a thousand miles an hour’s / how I’m wilding out / when I spit it with a feeling quicker than amphetamine I leave the crowd like, "How?" / sometimes that’s how I like to do this thing / but God gave the grant, like Ulysses / so it ain’t me, no it ain’t me, saying that it’s me’s the quickest way to make a fool of me / so I fall on him like a domino / making sure the Word is read (red) and processed like hot cheetos / amigo, this is the finale, let’s see / 16th Sixteen number 16 / yeah, they thought it wouldn’t work, but I’ve been through much worse than this / and worse hurt than this / it makes perfect sense / ‘cause the hurt made me swerve to his Word in adversity / so I lean on Jesus / who can say to the waves, “Stay tranquil” / listen, when I’m resting in him, ain’t a single situation that I'm gonna face that I can’t do
Lyrics: Yo, it’s harder to be honest than I thought it would be / often what you see is a cropped and flawless drawing, nah, that’s not me / I put up a beautiful wall, and call it the real me / I act like I’m cleaner than y’all, when really I’m guilty / I'm filthy, willing, to put up a front to impress / confessing only the sins that others confess / and cover the rest / I cover the rest / why? / it’s pride / I’m hiding behind these lies / no, hiding myself from life / going to church, and / not showing my worst sins / or burdens / I'm in the crowd, but alone / I could make a sound, but I won’t / I don’t wanna make it 'bout my own soul / no, ‘cause then I gotta humble myself / and run to his help / and all that stuff that I ain’t tryna do right now, I’m just gonna cover my filth / I gotta be honest / no, I gotta fight to be honest / to go to the cross with all this / gotta drop my pride and call him / and his church, yeah / gotta stop hiding my hurting / gotta be willing to be disgraced, the price of life is high, is it worth it?
Lyrics: They say, "The moment that you're born–thats the moment you start dying" / yeah, what's killing you is time / what's killing you is time / yeah, timeless–they think they timeless / but, if they were honest / every second and minute that passes is getting them closer to lay in the coffin and they have forgotten / they don't know how much they got / time could come and cut you off / you could not wake up tomorrow / yeah / get used to it–it's true for you and I / we emit a backwards view of time–get it? / you gotta stop wasting your time / the things that you do in this life / affect what you do after death / and every second you spend is a second you never get back / so take a step back / is that game really worth it? / that sin really worth it? / you won't get no reimbursement / oh no / that clock’s gon' tick tock with or without you / so look, time is a gift from God, let's use it to live and announce truth / it isn't about you / use time less for the lifeless / and before we’re time-less let’s use time for the Timeless...One
Lyrics: 16th Sixteen–gotta start it off right / can't believe it's already been a year / often I think it's weird / God must've interfered / it's not cause I'm strong that applause in this sinner's ear / hasn't really made me fall off / it’s actually made me want God / and that’s all God / and that’s not me / this year’s been crazy, nah mean? / I mean, I’ve been through a lot / my Father is shaping me, making me more like his Son / performing at Kollaboration opened the door for so many more that I’ve done / and now the place I stand is so far from the place I was / I’m in a new season, now / getting ideas out / I’m eager bout it / now I’m tryna make the most of this timing / yeah, I’m putting all these old things from this past season behind me / and that means, the last 16th Sixteen's gonna be in August / yeah, I’m moving on - I’m moving on - finna work on a full-length project / so watch out, don’t sleep - thanks to every one who has backed this / that Sam Ock contest, really, y’all don’t even know how much that meant / and I’m finna give back to y’all—Kaptivated bout to get reinstated, homie / y'all better keep up, because the season’s changing / homie
Lyrics: [Verse 1] I’ve always heard / living in a fallen world is hard / but I never really knew what that meant until I saw the scars / on the hearts / of the people in despair / lonely and groaning, and ain’t nobody cares / from the people who are desperate for community / depressed and even losing sleep / stressed from the pressure to get into the school to please / parents who relentlessly press for they kids to be better off than they were / to the souls going wayward / they know they falling face-first / the pain hurts / but they’re way too ashamed to be praying a prayer / the stained shirt / is a testament / that cutting is their medicine / and lusting is a rest for them / and drugs’ll leave them emptiest / and, we believers--we just focused on ourselves / and it breaks my heart, how are we so selfish? / we just doing what’s the easiest / when did God’s people only serve based on what’s the most convenient? / it’s heartbreaking [Verse 2] So come on, we gotta stand up and stop putting self first / yeah, it isn’t easy, but we lean on the Helper / see--that’s the problem--we forget our first love / we forget what Jesus had to suffer on the cross and for what / but this didn’t happen overnight / it was week after week letting what the world says override / what the Word has organized / your desires / start getting more aligned / with foreign lies / our priorities are like / Satan’s / and they wonder why I’m grieving? / they wonder why I take it so serious and plead with them? / the day he has these kids committing suicide / is the same day the devil will have compromised you and I / we’ve been shown the only comfort in this life / and that is Jesus Christ / and that’s so with the same comfort we can comfort lives / like the kinds I described / get your mind off these lies / and your mind up on Christ / it’s time for us to rise up / I’m tired of hearing people saying that they don’t got time / to get up in the Scriptures or pray--that’s a lie / see, they got time to study but no time for the Word? / they got time for these girls but no time for the Church? / yo, it’s heartbreaking [Verse 3] Now I don't want to be a hypocrite / haughty and bigoted / I gotta admit that / this is not just for you listening / I am not perfect / no, I'm not perfect / I have wronged people / thought evil thoughts / cost people lots / probably was the awfull-est of them all / but I could change by the Gospel of God / see, when I say I didn't care, believe me / I didn't wanna help the needy and grieving / but even for the ones who don't like loving people / isn't there forgiveness at the Cross? / you can come and be forgiven of your faults / forgiven of your flaws / he took all of your punishment, he did it at the cross / there is no greater love, yo he laid his life down / now we can lay our lives down / even when it might sound / crazy / yo he saved me / so how can I not do the very same thing? / how can I not show love when I’ve been shown love? / how can I be selfish when this life is not my own, bruh? / see, when you realize what Jesus did it’s / possible to die to yourself, even when it’s heartbreaking
Lyrics: Man, look at all I have! Well, actually / I'd rather be / looking at the things / that I haven't been given / a platform that's biggest / a major that's interesting, (but nah) / I gotta be grateful / gotta be thankful / man, there's people out there struggling for a job / what am I doing when I be complaining? / man it's crazy / it's crazy / I may not be reaching the thousands / but dozens are hearing the truth through my music and that's what it should be about, man / what I'm saying's / that when it comes to gifts, we can't just pick and choose / I got a family and a woman I'm committed to / and most of all I got Jehovah Jirah / when the only thing I earned was to be thrown in the fire / yeah that's right, bruh / I'm Kaptivated, can't forget what captivated, nah / that's the reason why I gotta be grateful / gotta be thankful
Lyrics: I've known you for the longest time / I've seen you cry, and I've seen you grow / these past 2 years we've changed together / rejoiced and went through pain together / couldn't pray for a better / man to bring me through my pain and loss / my deepest need's the Gospel, and every moment you point to the cross / yeah, that's what you do, you a true man, one of the few that's left / and I'm well aware your reputation lately isn't the best / some would call you a hypocrite, but the Lord has seen your repentance / your penitence / and I - I can testify you're a blessing / and not because you're perfect, but because you cling to Christ / and you hate the sin that entangles you, and so you gotta bring it to light / and you fight / in the Scriptures / on that Romans 8:13 / in the army, home, or church you always labor faithfully / and yes, I know very well--you're not gonna want me to sing your praises / but I'm just thankful that the Father's shown you grace, so / let's keep pressing on in our faith and keep on living out this life / knowing that the faithful unto their deaths are gonna receive the crown of life
Lyrics: After several seasons, I'm still spittin' sixteens / seeing souls seldom see a savorous Savior it seems / individuals idle and idolizing images / imitating insolence and insisting we innocent / isn't it in excess? We express our expletives / extremely explicit, we're exiting excellence / to tell the total truth, we totally tainted and torn too / took the true Teacher to the tree and to the tomb too / even excluding everybody from every error / but Elohim, eminence-emptied, ended the enemy's evil when he entered / oh yes sir, now no one nefarious can not know new nights / there's no one the Nazerene's name can not naturalize / so I express these emotions even now / so individuals examine the eternal Elohim's nature / so you gon' either see this or you gonna say you can't see / both John 3:16 and the three sixteens
Lyrics: Father, I pray for the masses and everyone who hears this / souls that I've never met; souls that are dearest / to me / they would see / and believe / Lord, please / even people who I lead to think you're evil / I'm weak, Lord / show them the broad way will murder them / and they will never be able to say, "God, I never heard of this!" / they knew; they know, and I pray you'd make it change them / and save them / until they're in the grave, Father chase them / I pray for my brother who has fallen away / forgotten your grace / like, how could this happen? / can't grasp it / it's even really hard to pray this prayer and share despair / nowhere / is there reason to believe he's coming back / it's scary / I'm hearing these stories / Lord, please / my plea is you'd restore him before he's no more, please / I know I played my part in pushing him away, but God, I know that you can make miracles happen, you did it to me / I pray you would comfort Kevin's family / he was only 23, but it was in your plan that he had to leave / it seems the devil was victorious / but in this, I pray you'd make yourself even more glorious / and I pray that you would open up our eyes to see / we're gonna face the same fate at our time to leave / so lead us to repentance unto life, God / so that when our life stops / we're seen as righteous / I pray, God, I pray that your name would be hallowed / not only here, but every place in the entire globe / I pray your will be done as it is in heaven / and I pray you would forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors / and don't lead us to temptation but deliver us / from the evil one / for yours is the kingdom / the power, the glory, forever and ever / the power, the glory forever, amen
Lyrics: The world telling me to hide my faith / trying to say the worldview I'm living is ridiculous / it's missing intelligence, isn't it? / that's what they told me / saying that it's missing reason, but really the only / reason they can use their reason is because they know the holy / God is real / homie, check with Romans 1 / you know he's real, homie / so I'mma stand up for what I believe in / the only way to get to heaven is through faith in Jesus / and marriage is between a man and woman--even then / it isn't marriage if it isn't about Jesus, man / I'm serious / I'm not gonna just stand idle / if anything, I want to be ridiculed because I believe in the Bible / oh I know / they wouldn't care / if they couldn't hear / if I couldn't share / but I have to / they don't feel me? They can kill me; I could die for my master / and this nation really isn't far from it / our women already slaughter the innocent and often it's / like believers like to stay quiet / they love it when I preach the Gospel what about when I apply it? / like--what I do, dude? / this is to you / stand firm, speak up, let the truth loose
Lyrics: Twisted, like bottle caps / that was me when I fiended for lots of cash / and on top of that / I was finding my significance in all of that / modern trash / I was after / I wanted to be satisfied faster / by that wack stuff / so I used people / I was too evil / I was loving my sin 'til He scooped me up / and I / I'm new now / He took my curse like a rude mouth / got rid of it the minute that he said that it was finished and he resurrected me, I'm on a new route / He intervened and showed me the Son / I'm beholding the Son / without clouds / listen up for my next mixtape / man it's insane / I've already started the countdown / so even though my burdens are heavier it doesn't mean that I'm taking a break / I'm aiming to make a tape even if only a dozen get saved by his grace through it all / I'm making sure that my life - no it ain't wasted / staying on top of my grind like a skater / when I be spitting I speak of the Savior / 'cause scarlet is white from His discoloration
Lyrics: J. Kim told me, "It's a long way," so I'm trying to walk the straight and narrow / and arrows / pointing me away, but the Heir rose / so I know my soul is kept / even though I'm so distressed / though I tend to rest in my would's (woods) like a birds nest / I'm purchased / in spite of my inadequacies / adamantly at it attacking them, I'm Adam and Eve / and how can it be? / even so, he thought it fit to clothe me / in his Son's obedience / through bleeding he could see me holy? / this is the reason why I live and die / and spit these rhymes / the reason why I'm Kaptivated's 'cause I'm hid in Christ! / but I'm hearing all their insults being thrown in the air - can't / hold on to derailing (the railing) like I'm walking up a staircase / true faith is desperate for Christ - see Luke 5 / 17 to 26 / in my new life / my thoughts are on track like a waveform / living by faith, and not in nothing but my Savior / the great LORD
Lyrics: Look, I gotta speak my mind / 'cause the things in my mind - I can't keep 'em quiet / I'm giving this music a second thought / 'cause the work's taking many more seconds than I thought / even though I grind / my rhymes ain't climbing / spending all my time writing lines when / I don't even feel them, but I try / keep hitting the ceiling, but the sky's / what I'm reaching for / what I'm grinding towards / said, "The craft's gotta kill," so I'm trying more / yeah I'm putting in work, but I've heard things / 'bout the industry, it ain't how it sure seems / I don't wanna believe them, but I know they're true, and / I'm wondering if I really wanna go in to it / I'm only a newbie / hoping to do great / but I can't touch 'Crae - like a wall of new paint / plus with all that I'm aiming to be / what if all the fame starts getting to me? / and man, what if I'm dope but I'm so fake / killer punch lines but I'm cold and don't pray / no faith inside of me / I'm no great anomaly / only going in for the sake of rocking beats / I don't want to be that soul / pretty outside but inside I'm cold / so Father please, I'm on my knees and pleading / this passion that you gave me - ain't it in me for a reason? / I'm trying to preach your Word, but I don't even have a platform / God, I ask, what's my passion for this craft for?
Lyrics: Check this innocence / hidden in the Christ / life righteous living it like / on my own, I had lived the perfect life of Christ / when he died the death i should've rightly died / and he lived the life that I could never live / now Christ is my rest - something like a sedative / thank God that I heard the good news / praise God that my old self died - call it good noose / I said I'm living for the glory of the King / man there ain't no other aim / I was saved / when I gazed up / upon my dying Savior / how he raised up / now he's reigning (raining) like precipitation / praise Him / you can say I'm changed up / cause he gave me sense now / took my sins down / while a Gentile / now I'm his child / I've been healed by his lacerations / now I proclaim it, call me Kaptivated, yeah
Lyrics: I'm back in / ain't backing down / just backing / hip hop 'cause all it's got is all these talking and no walking scoffers / I'll be gone / the day that they stop talking 'bout they dollars / finally talking 'bout the truth / and keeping in mind these suffering youth / and that's never / so I guess my endeavor won't end ever / evidently 'cause every single one of these rappers after wack stuff maranatha / come quick / I long for the day that I'll finally see God / I long to leave and be gone / but it's not about me / I gotta feed y'all / I don't think I'm holier I just know Christ is holiest / and on my chest / is where your solace is / 'cause honestly / you not in wisdom / and I ain't perfect but I trust in the one who's perfect / but yo, for real, they need someone to trap they mouths (mouse) like vermin / I'm serious / I can't count how many crushed by their loneliness / and these rappers rub it in they face like how they holding chicks / knowing this / how can I not speak out / putting my feet down / Imma get up on the microphone and keep on taking hits like Rocky Balboa / I'm not gon' slow up / WHAT
Lyrics: 16th sixteen - gotta start it off right / I can get it all night / alright / Kaptivated gotta be given a minute when he's spitting even if it ain't for dividends / isn't it / for the music? / it's not hip hop / if I do it for the money, for the women, for the pic shots / it's way more than getting to the top / the top won't stop hip hop from dying / they enslaved to the game and the fame and guess what - they don't even know / they can trample me under their feet cuz I'm aiming for their soles (souls) / get it? / I'm the newest breed / homie you can see / you ain't used to me / I ain't using these / beats to fuel my needs / the reason is greater than what you perceive / look, this dude's redeemed, now I'm living like I'm living / spittin' lyrics for these kids that only got the raps they listen to / they outcasts because they don't look like Outkast? / 'cause nobody they heard of look like them / rappers all either black or got white skin / and they don't got either, neither do I / and these kids need hope - 'swhy I'm fighting the fight / and I'm climbing the heights / and I'm writing these rhymes / they never heard nobody they can even liken to I / k-to-the-a-p-t-i-vated / that's who I am, what I am by my Maker / and I'm pushing to deliver excellence - ain't enough of that up in the game / so listen close, the fact of the matter is there ain't nobody speaking to my people / it's like hip hop hates them, and the effects are more than lethal / hip hop's imprisoned, I intend to get the bail out / plus - my supplier infinite - that means I'll never sell out


'16th Sixteen' was a video series where I released a new music video on the 16th of every month for 16 consecutive months. It took place from May 2013 through August 2014. It was probably the most challenging musical project I've ever done!


released August 16, 2014


all rights reserved



Kaptivated Atlanta, Georgia

Full-time designer, part-time rapper.

Contact: kaptivatedmusic@gmail.com

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