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Seasoned Vol. 1

by Kaptivated

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Transcript: In the beginning, I was only a seed. Encased by dirt surrounding, toxic waste abounding; it was dark. I knew nothing but this. But slowly I began to taste that blessed first drop of water. He said, "Drink, drink of my water and never thirst again,” so I drank, and I drank. Then God, He said, “Let the earth sprout vegetation,” and I sprang from the dirt, rapidly I grew, toward the sun I shot up. And so it was, the first Season of Spring. My soul would sing at the mere mention of his name, and like the queen of Bing I searched on for his wisdom. I was soaked, I was soaked with the riches of his word, and he cloaked, how he cloaked all my wounds with his stitches. “Praise be to the King,” my heart would ring. Then the water I was given became a spring of water, welling up--out of my heart flowed rivers I could no longer contain--so I sprang forward, from Spring, to... Summer. My leaves began to grow full and green, and I knew there was fruit to be beared. He said, “Whoever abides in me and I in him bears much fruit,” and abide in the vine I did. For he had seasoned me with the good news, and I was zealous to spread it. Afire, I never tired, I aspired that my friends would find this higher purpose, I begged that he’d be their desire, I pleaded that they would acquire the good news, I prayed that he would rewire their ways. My flowers spread seeds, far and wide, and people saw my good works and said, "Glory to the Father!" And I begged them to eat my fruit. “Eat!” I yelled, but they turned away. “Eat! Eat!” I became overzealous, began shooting bullets fired with my presumptuous knowledge rather than God’s extravagant compassion, began seeing my good works and saying glory to me, and as summer came to a close, I forgot that God had my days numbered, and my heart grew number, and soon I began to... Fall. The forbidden fruit was eaten, falling through my inner tubes, where it festered and clung to my lungs, pestered my heart and spread, like a fatal disease, I was suffocating under the weight of my own godless mistakes, and I. Couldn’t. Breathe. The sin pinned me against the wall, and I tried not to fall, I called as I bawled--"Lord deliver me, deliver me!" I examined myself and saw my need for a doctor, but I was appalled by how my coat of leaves fell quickly into the gutter. I likened myself to Saul, a king fallen from his glory. It was only Autumn, but like Sodom and Gomorrah I burned with lustful desires and evil thoughts. “Forgive me, forgive me!” daily I cried. I heard my savior quietly whisper--"Forgive them, for they know not what they do"--a mediator, intercessing on my behalf, but I was numb. Winter came like a splinter in my side, I’d been stripped of my clothes--all my leaves rotten on the ground--and what was left was what seemed to be a barren and wasted land. With my branches bare and naked and my feet entangled in thorns, I screamed, “Have you forsaken me?!” The shrill winds whistled against my bones, they teased me as they sang, “Where is your God? Where is he now?” But in the quiet I heard him speak-- "I will never leave nor forsake you. I will never leave nor forsake you. I never have, and I never will." He said, "You’ve been stripped of your clothes, but I have not yet left. You’ve been entangled in thorns, but I have not yet left. You’ve forsaken me seventy fold times, but I have not yet left. You have blasphemed my name, you have mocked me to the skies, you have violated my image, and you have forgotten my promises, but I have not yet left. Because I, too, was once stripped of my clothes, with a crown of thorns placed on my head so that you, my child, can be clothed in red and scarlet robes, adorned with gold jewelry, for you are my child, adopted as an heir into my family, and I will never leave nor forsake you." And slowly I began to grow again, the season of spring here to return once again, each season that passed shaping me into someone who surpassed all expectations of who I’d become. Now Kaptivated has been seasoned with a gift of song, so listen closely to what we’ve been seasoned to spread: the good news of a risen Christ, Hallelujah above! So listen closely, listen closely, to this song of four seasons.
Lyrics: It's my Season of Praise. [Verse 1] By his blood we’ve been acquired / while us, we were still liars / wired to enter the fire / fighting Christ and his light, but / by his grace in giving faith, we’ve been changed for the better / now we’re saved and lift his name and we praise him forever / we, who were once dead and slaves to wickedness / have been changed to accept the gift / and made to be kin in his / grace through the Spirit, y’all / plain, without blemish, ah / and now who’s the one you hearing in our lyrics? God / nobody else can ever pluck us from his hand / there isn’t another being that could ever stand a chance / to his glory / he’s holy / Deo Gloria Soli / to enter in his presence, righteousness is mandatory / do you have that? Neither do I, that’s why I praise Christ / ‘cause he redeemed me, and now I’m justified / and under grace by faith, now I’m seeking him / ‘cause I heard the truth, it set me free from sin! / I’m free [Verse 2] He reigns, he reigns, all creation will proclaim / his majesty his name, God, you have to be praised / elected to be justified when all I'm worth is torment / a recipient of grace you adopt this wretched orphan / Lord, who am I that I am called for your purpose / by You, oh God, who made the universe, my / lips profess your worth up and through my final day / but my God, you are more than my words will ever say / indescribable / you made a radical / change / a capital taking / of my life and gladly rearranging / now I put to death the deeds of the flesh by the Spirit / the mysteries in the Word, yes, he’s revealing / he’s the thing I need to live, giving oxygen competition / not a minute / I can live without him / you can document it / walking with this living God / it isn’t just religion / ‘cause religion ain’t gon’ ever set me free from all my sinning / I’m free [Verse 3] I’m free, but know I used to be free in a different sense / back when my body was an instrument of wickedness / yes, I was in a way free, but check it / I was free from righteousness, not the sting of death / I was still serving sin, but how’s that different from my serving him / if I still call it freedom, what’s the difference if I’m serving sin? / well the difference is that if you serving sin, you’ll surely die / and if you serving Elohim, then you be given eternal life / living it in the presence of the Trinity / and living it with the women and men that trusted in the remedy / and forever never being chained down to enmity again / you see the beauty of the cross is that he set me free / and man, I hope you see that this is just the means, not the ends / he suffered once for sins, that he might bring us to him / who’s him? 1 Peter 3:18 – God / is the Gospel, that’s the point of the cross not / that I’m free
Lyrics: [Tag] I'm not the same / I'm adopted to say / Abba, my Father Yahweh / offered to pay / for my rottenest ways / then he conquered the grave / that's the God that I praise / [Verse 1] The pain and the rain / can't take out the praise / of his name from my veins / yes my aim is the King's / gaining the fame, unashamed of his face / I'm chasing his ways with unshakable flame / awaken the nation to chase after change / the hate that they bring and the strain that I face / it'll never shut me down, though they think that it would / 'cause my King works every little thing for my good / yes, even in the sicknesses / suffering is the medicine / don't see it as the end, man, I think of it as discipline / 'cause he does that to those that he loves / yeah I don't got to front / 'cause my hopes in his love / when I'm broken and mourning the Lord is enough / yeah, I go to the Lord, him alone do I trust / By things invisible, I'm intimately anchored / rejoicing in loss 'cause I still got my Savior [Tag] [Verse 2] Yeah, I had my share of tears / but looking back presently, it seems pretty clear / steering me lovingly, though it hurt / was my King, my Redeemer, loving on his Church / nothing on this earth / could ever separate me / from the love and care / of the One who has saved me / he's for me now that I'm in him / so tell me, who can stand against this? / yeah, and anything that anybody's throwing at me / I won't be resisting it I'm more than happy / 'cause its for my good, I know you don't understand / call me loco while I boast in the lamb / I know glory's coming, even if it isn't ASAP / I found the key to life, now I'mma I'mma chase that / even though I might be teased like apparel, you can always find me lifting him up, like a stairwell
Lyrics: [Chorus] All I need is one sixteen / to brag on my King / Romans 1:16 / we brag about him daily 'cause he runs this thing / can I do it? / can I do it? [Verse] Look, it's Kap-to the-vated / ever since I was, I was captured and saved, yeah / now lift passionate praise, yeah / rapping's a fraction, man / I'm after the aim / of boasting in the cross only, homie / used to play alone like Kobe / now I'm living for his glory / Soli Deo Gloria / they saying that I'm out of my mind / if they sane, then I'm out of my mind / they say that everybody dies, but not everybody lives / well, I'll never taste death 'cause I'm running after him / Jesus / my King, supreme being, yes, preeminent / heaven-sent for us, he was broken like unleavened bread / there ain't another Father like mine, ay / there ain't another Father like Yahweh / holler if you ever find another able to save us and give us new wills (wheels) like a tire change / yeah, sin had the lock like hair / then he saved and showed me favor / now that fruit by the Ghost I bear / look, I'm bragging on my King / when I got a sixteen / hope you tracking with me / 'cause I follow Elohim / yeah, my King got the remedy for enemy schemes / you can bring hate heavily, we'll never be leaving / believe it / no one's like my King / he's above all things / he's my rock and my being / he's my God of Peace / he's adopted me / and he wrought in me / a want for Jesus / y'all can see that [Chorus]
Lyrics: [Verse 1] God, you're so good to me / so many times I left you, but you stuck with me / and I'm nothing, but you make much of me / I keep running, but you keep on showing love to me / and I hated your name, but you died for me / I pinned you on the cross, but you're wanting me / I ain't nothing / but you bore my sin / all the nights I done fell into that porn again / all the lies and the times I denied and I strayed / and resisted, offended, and spit on your grace / and your face, but you took the curse for me / and you giving me breath I don't deserve to breathe / like this - this - this O God / you could take away my life, but still you don't ah! / I was headed to demise, but you changed me / was about to give up but you saved me / ain't a thing they can say that can shake my faith / when it's all said and done You still made me clean / and I know no body could've done this but him / who was slain and was put in / pain for my lusting / what is a man - that you mindful of him / and what do I have to deserve this loving!? [Verse 2] God, I'm just a man / your love, it transcends understanding / who am I that you offer me life / that you grant me the privilege of knowing the Christ / why me? I ain't do a thing / it's all 'cause of your love you're pursuing me / why me, God? I ask again / 'cause I can't wrap my head around this majesty / your grace is amazing it's crazy to think / that the maker of ages is faithful to me!? / and it's for your glory and for your fame / it ain't about me but your worthy name / you captivate / and activate / this everlasting stage / of passion and praise / broadcasting your grace / to the blinded / 'cause ain't a thing that I've seen that's like it / it's infinite, intimate, present in me / and I'm risen, I can't keep it hidden in me / so I'm showing the world I've been changed by you / 'cause you came, and you / rearranged this dude! / true - what is a man that you mindful of him / what do I have to deserve this loving!?
My Season of Self-Examination. [Verse 1] Every single day, it's been bothering me / man, it doesn't take much to see the wrong in my deeds / I know some folks with every reason not to roll with me / and I'm known by folks who're better off not knowing me / homie, see / I made so many mistakes / I've been fake / I live ways / that I'm so ashamed of it's insane / how innate it is and I ain't trying to get your pity / nah, I'm just admitting that I've sinned against so many - gosh / I've hurt and I've abused all the people that been good to me / and yeah, I've been the selfish boy that I shouldn't be / and underneath / all the teaching and the leading / I've been treating all these people like the opposite that Jesus would / even though I say I love you, yo you know its not true / 'cause love ain't arrogant, and it's surely not rude / so I apologize, this is probably wrote to you / 'cause I'm confident I've wronged everyone I've spoken to [Chorus] Who am I? / O, I'm just a sinner / but I'm saved by his grace for these mistakes I've made / if I could I would take back all my wrongs / Who am I? / O, I'm just a sinner, but I'm saved by his grace for these mistakes I've made / I'm changed / so I pray you'd forgive me (Verse 2) Yeah I know we reconciled, but I never really got to apologize / for all the pity, all the selfishness and all the lies / and all the times / man, no I didn't lead you right / only seeing you as a means to feed my appetite / and I'm sorry for the many ways I used you / you were so gracious to me, but I abused you / and yeah, I did it to my best friends / I ain't got no more and that's the consequence of this sin / I can't deny it / they're reminders of my past / yeah, this aftermath can grab and reenact how I was wack / I still am, forgive me, I ain't know what I was doing / I know that don't excuse me but times passed and I grew, man / I'm human / so yeah, I know I left wounds / 'cause my natural inclination man, it ain't to help you / so I apologize, this is probably wrote to you / 'cause I'm confident I've wronged everyone I've spoken to [Chorus] [Verse 3] And to my brothers who've been keeping me accountable / I apologize for all the sin I ain't point out in you / I'm sorry for not helping, not calling, nor praying / and I wish I could repay all of your time that I wasted / and to the others, yo, I'm sorry if I used you / and to my peers I'm sorry if I chucked deuces, dude / I ain't mean to come off like I think I'm holier / and I'm sorry to the people I left feeling lonelier / I'm only here / because of God and you all / and against y'all and God, ah, I often tend to fall / and all in all / I'm just a sinner whose been saved by grace / 'cause if it was up to how I live I would pave the way / for my own destruction, I'd be on my way to hell / 'cause I ain't got the righteousness it takes to save myself / so I apologize, this is probably wrote to you / 'cause I'm confident I've wronged everyone I've spoken to
To Die Is... 04:14
Lyrics: [Verse 1] Now I ain't got nothing to lose, 'cause you're my everything / yes, you're my rock and my salvation and my very being / but something's off / I'm way too caught up in my apathy / Lord, it's a tragedy / God, you see what's happening / can I actually say that I could give up all I own for / the sake of righteousness could I rid myself of comfort? / Father I can't say that I could die if it were crucifixion / s'why I'm begging for your mercy when you choose to kill me / yes, I believe to die is gain / but when I think / of the pain / God I can't / no I cant / Lord, give me the strength / no, my mind it can't take / all the anguish and pain / that your Son had to take / to his grave / in my place / how can I share in his glory, but not share in his despairing? / yes, I'm wearing his goodness but it's apparent that I'm scared of / hearing that I might get stoned to death / or tortured, yes / I know its sin / so God come in, control this kid / totally / take over this [Chorus] For them to live is Christ, and to die is gain / but Father, when I think about it - I be too afraid / God, I'm wretched and I'm weak / totally take over me / I'm wretched, and I'm weak / totally take over me [Verse 2] God, your power is perfected in weakness, I know, but is this / a weakness that can glorify you - or just sin? / it's been clawing at my conscience, Lord, I pray that you'd be pleased / either with my full surrender or your power when I'm weak / God - I got no reason to fear because you're with me / if I suffer for your name, it's evidence the Spirit's in me / yes, it's better suffering for good than suffering for evil / but I'm feeble / and I'm weak / O God I need your / love to reach those / unreached people / yes, they desperately need to hear / the message be preached to ears / but stressing me here's / my attention to fearing / persecution / Lord, this music / is the nearest that I've been to truly doing what you meant / when you had told us to go / Kaptivated is the closest that I've gotten to / shamelessly / bringing the / Gospel to the lost, it's too / pathetic for me not to feel convicted / if I'm truly captivated God, I gotta live the mission / come and end this 'cause [Chorus] [Verse 3] Yes, I'm grieved, and godly grief leads to repentance / yes, I'm ending / the presence of / this apathetic / sentiment / Father God, I pray you'd keep in my mind / Jesus' divine / promises to be by my side / at the end of the commission / yes, he'll be with all his missionaries / so I'll live it out, remembering that he's with me here, and he / has took my sin, now I don't serve it no more / and I don't work for no dough / yes now I worship the lord / O I can't forget about what happened at Calvary / it has to keep on / grabbing me / and having me here / at his feet / gazing at the Savior crucified, and gazing at him risen / my sin is foolish I'm in ruin, but he came and did it / of his own accord, Father, it's unspeakable joy / that you have freed me from my debts - now i can seek you in joy! / 'cause I love you / God, I repent and I trust / there ain't another I could follow, now my sin it is crushed / and now for me [Chorus]
Lyrics: In my Season of Pain. [Verse] God, the pain has gotten heavier, my hurting’s worsened / I’m worse than hurting, God, my burdens stir in / me a yearning thirst for your perfect Word / but even then, the hurt blinds me, I’m surely swerving / God, the earlier hurt has grown deeper and deeper / I’m losing yet another friend, it grieves me to see her / it cuts deep / nothing / is like being alone / I’m unseen / struggling / and no one hears my groans / nobody but my God, you’re the reason I got hope, yes / if it wasn’t for your Love, I probably would’ve chose death / and most definitely, you are always there for me / you come and pick me up when my best friends abandon me / and though I’ve done you wrong, Lord, you granting me amnesty / but my pain is still here, so I’m on my hands and knees / and crying out to You, Father, I’m seeking Your throne / ‘cause You’re the only One who’s there when I’m completely alone
Lyrics: [Verse 1] God, I’m crying out for help, hard pressed and distressed / I can’t do this by myself, in this mess, I am stressed / I can’t take it any longer, God, I need your intervention / intercession / you have promised so much, I keep forgetting / all of it and lacking faith and having crazy thoughts about my stabbing pain / having shame / I know you used to captivate / but these trials / be wild / God, I’ve lost so many friends / I think about / peacing out / but I know you’ll come through in the end / God, I need you to uphold me in the midst of this pain / God, I need you to show me how to live this for your Name / I want you to be glorified / you to be Lord of my / life, use this horrible strife / through this horror-filled night / would your glory please shine in my weakness / would you, Jesus, be lifted high in my grieving / God, I breathe to / bring you / glory / though I’m feeble / please, Lord, I’m suffering and I loathe it [Chorus] When I’m ridiculed, hated, and when I’m lonely / when I’m facing tribulation, and when I’m mourning / uphold and remind me that Your grace is sufficient / remind me, Lord, that Your grace is sufficient. [Verse 2] You give and take away, but I never thought you’d take her / I didn’t think she was an idol, now I gotta make sure / I know it’s for my good, but O God, this pain hurts / I’m alone, and I’m pained with a lot of straining work / I’m trying to help all my brothers and sisters / but I struggle with limits / in my condition / it’s the toughest ambition / God, they look to me with questions / and expect me to address them / this stress is getting in the way of my closest friendships / Lord, these books are piling up, and these cats just keep on breaking / my patience and my faith, it’s getting difficult to face them / ain’t a trial I can chill / can’t take these times, I’m for real / can’t take this grind by myself / so I’m crying out for help / God you’re faithful to the faithless, remind me of your promises / I’ll cling to your Truth in these trials, when I’m lost in them / and though I’m overwhelmed, I’ll rejoice up in my mourning / ‘cause Psalm 30 helps, joy cometh in the morning [Chorus] [Verse 3] God I’m struggling with jealousy, self-pity, solitude / it’s tearing me apart, I need help, what I got to do? / but it isn’t up to me, in all of this, I’m so weak, and my / heart is being broken, everybody don’t see it, I / follow you, Lord, but I feel so alone in it / even in the Church, yes, I’ve begun to notice it / all of this pain hurts and pierces my soul / it isn’t looking good, God, I’m fearing the toll / it’s gonna take, Father, this is impossible without you / with you, everything is possible, your power’s true / I’m ‘bout to lead, but my King, look at all my detriment / it’s evident that I’m frail, so I’ll fail if I wrestle this / I’m begging you, uphold me / hold me / closely / even if it’s slowly / I don’t care, God, I’m lonely / the troubles of my heart are enlarged, breaking in pain / remember me, O Lord, for the sake of Your Name [Chorus]
Lyrics: [Verse 1] Yo, my endeavor / won't end ever / I won't bend never / they can take my cheddar / 'cause I got the best Treasure / you see, I couldn't be better / putting my trust in the One who bled for me / I will never be down / with the pleasures and style / of Satan - my Father's enemy / so why you threatening me, tell me, what can people do to me? / you think that sin is free but it's more costly than your jewelry / you can't be the devil's guest without being the Father's debtor / deader than you were; you're being killed by the letter / 2 Corinthians 3:6 - the law it kills, the Spirit gives life / and that is what he done did to me, s'why all of my lyrics are all about Christ / some be talking bout they change, but change changes like seasons / so I don't talk about my dough; I pray my Savior increases / and my savor decreases for the flavor of world / yes I turned from chasing girls after reading in the Word no / more of settling for lesser pleasures, my treasure is Yahweh / if you chasing pleasure in that sin, you chase the wrong thing [Verse 2] Now I used to - used to be like them / living super foolishly / but then I viewed the cruelty that I had brought onto my king / so he could give me pardon / from the sin that I was far in / heard this news, I left that garbage / I was harboring in my heart, yeah / I was tryna cover up my dirty flow like a carpet / when in my natural state I was selected - no Darwin / yes he loved me when a sinner / Christ came down and took them splinters / then he rose on Day Three and offers life to all you listeners / so turn to Christ / his Word his life / the truth is humanity's cursed and dying / if you live in iniquity, dissing the Trinity, listen: you'll surely die / when I spit, I perpetuate a new hope / not trying to scare you into following the true Lord / I just want you to see him as your portion / eternity or now, tell me which is more important? / I - I choose the former / cuz ain't nothing like the Lord, your / life is fleeting, hope you registering this like a store clerk / John 8:32 - I preach the truth, the truth will set you free / repent and turn to Jesus - until then, you're still his enemy
Lyrics: [Verse 1] What you gon' do when it all falls down? / the things you chasing, man, they all run out / I'm telling you now before they finally crumble and humble you / and got you down under asking, "How?" and you wondering, too / "Where is the Lord now?" / but man, he warned you beforehand / gaining the world, you gon' also bargain your soul, man / chasing after money after fame after sex / is only gonna leave you in a pile of regrets / when it all falls down / and you know none of it lasts / think of what we've done in the past / it's nothing but trash / 'cause it all falls down / and yeah, you might think you're an exception / but there ain't such a thing you're just a victim of deception / all them pleasures of the world ain't gon' go with you when you die / so turn to Jesus 'fore it's too late and it hits you it's a lie / tell me what you gon' do when it all falls down? [Verse 2] Before it all falls down, focus on the one who won't / and be healed by his stripes like Adidas and be sold / 'cause he bought you with a price, all you gotta do is believe / that you wretched in rebellion against the God who gave you breath to breathe / and you deserve to fall down forever / but The Lord Jesus shed his blood / so you're never crushed / and he rose from the dead so you can rise with him / now life through faith you can find in him / so when it all falls down / / yeah when it all falls down you standing firm on the rock / they can take away your cash 'cause you worshiping God / not cash no more / not trash no more / when it all falls down, you still have your Lord / so let go of the physical and look to Adonai / 'cause when it all falls down, you gon see it don't satisfy
[Verse 1] So you want to be successful, the top of your class / all them Ivy League schools, you strive to be at / you know if you don't make it in, how them guys'll react / gotta keep working harder 'cause it's hard to please dad / and besides, you don't want to end up living in the streets / so you chasing dollar bills, yeah, you getting all that green / be successful, a businessman, a doctor, or a lawyer / get a villa, a coupe, and an education ready for your / kids, so when they retire, they can give you / and your wife nice living conditions for your finish / but I'm asking you, man, what would you have done? / you might've helped people here, but what about after? / when you step into eternity, you'll fall at your feet / at the throne of the judge, you'll be bawling on your knees / 'cause you wasted your life / chasing the lies / of Satan / it was vain, and you're crying / 'cause you’re paying the price [Verse 2] The American Dream in its essence is deception / don’t buy that lie, you’ll regret it when you exit / look, you got good grades? In eighty years it won’t matter / ever wonder why the most successful people grow sadder / as the years pass, and they realize the end is coming? / everybody's saying, “YOLO!” / so they’re going, “Live it up!” yeah / but they don’t know / what living is like 'cause they're living without Christ / stop living for dough / there's an infinite price / to pay for spending your life / living it nice / tell me, will you profit gaining physical treasures / and losing your soul and ending miserable forever? / nah - I pray you'd see that's foolish / promoted by the world in them films and the music / yes, they're lying to you / the king of this world is Lucifer / he’s got all his ideas celebrated and he’s using your / appetite, befriending it so you can chase wealth / but he’ll never tell you that your end in chasing gain’s hell [Verse 3] I’m writing this song to plead with you, man, don’ t waste your life / a lot of people hear this message and say they can take their time / but tomorrow ain't promised to you / keep on putting it off, you gon' miss the mess you've gotten into / all you're doing's chasing fabricated dreams / if your heart still ain't changed, then you haven't gained a thing / what's the point of getting cash with a heart of sorrow? / and what's the point of going to Cornell if your heart is carnal? / I'm telling you man, it ain’t worth it—Christ is / after you get all that money, tell me what your life is / the solution to your void ain’t none of that / the emptiness might go for a while, but it’s coming back / look, you were made for the enjoyment of God / only he could ever come and fill your void and it stops / so instead of working for success, trust in what Christ said / all the laboring and weary, come to him and find rest
Lyrics: [Chorus] All I need is one sixteen / to brag on my King / Romans 1:16 / we brag about him daily 'cause he runs this thing / can I do it? / can I do it? [Verse] Look, it's Kap-to the-vated / ever since I was, I was captured and saved, yeah / now lift passionate praise, yeah / rapping's a fraction, man / I'm after the aim / of boasting in the cross only, homie / used to play alone like Kobe / now I'm living for his glory / Soli Deo Gloria / they saying that I'm out of my mind / if they sane, then I'm out of my mind / they say that everybody dies, but not everybody lives / well, I'll never taste death 'cause I'm running after him / Jesus / my King, supreme being, yes, preeminent / heaven-sent for us, he was broken like unleavened bread / there ain't another Father like mine, ay / there ain't another Father like Yahweh / holler if you ever find another able to save us and give us new wills (wheels) like a tire change / yeah, sin had the lock like hair / then he saved and showed me favor / now that fruit by the Ghost I bear / look, I'm bragging on my King / when I got a sixteen / hope you tracking with me / 'cause I follow Elohim / yeah, my King got the remedy for enemy schemes / you can bring hate heavily, we'll never be leaving / believe it / no one's like my King / he's above all things / he's my rock and my being / he's my God of Peace / he's adopted me / and he wrought in me / a want for Jesus / y'all can see that [Chorus]
Lyrics: Music is medicine. Music changes us. And for Nathaniel, music is sanity, because music allows him to take his thoughts and delusions and shape them through his imagination and his creativity into reality. And that is an escape from his tormented state. -Robert Gupta [Verse 1] I was raised in the suburbs–never heard rap / never really had a passion, ‘specially not towards that / sure fact / was that I was into games and wasting time / didn’t do much in my early days I played and ate and whined / yeah–if you saw me, you’d know I had nothing going for me / but that would change when it hit my auditories / yeah I’m talking ’bout rap, man, the fact’s that it grabbed me / on the day I got my first iPod, “Yo, what’s happening” / I said as I stepped into the world of hip hop / to the world of Eminem, Jay-Z, and Tupac / there was something ’bout the beats / something ’bout the scene / something ’bout the heat that the emcees bring / that had captured me, and yo, it changed my life / spending hours upon hours trying to hear the newest rhymes / trying to get the next album, single, or EP / I still remember when I bought my first CD [Chorus] DANG – (dang) music changed my life / IT’S INSANE – (insane) now I’ve made it my grind / yeah the BOOM (BOOM) / and the BEP (BEP) / all the moves and the step / yeah this music’s the best [Verse 2] Yo hip hop–it was home to me / I could come to it whenever I was broke and beat / and I was on my knees / I could openly / run to it with my issues and be so at ease / yeah – Eminem became my medicine / and maybe that was detrimental / but it felt like it was heaven sent / it’s evident that man, it changed me for the better / having dreams in January all the way down to December / yeah–I was there when Eminem was dropping gems / and yeah I heard Nas say, “Hip hop’s dead” / I was there when T.I. called himself the king of the south / and I was in it back when people thought Detox was coming out / even after I became a Christian / I started getting into Christ, but still I was an avid listener / man, I praise God that he brought me to the game, man / if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be able to say this: [Chorus] [Verse 3] Yo, I remember back when / rapping / was absent / from my life and I ain’t have no real passion / but then I found it and the more I got into it / naturally I got influenced / started doing what I’m doing now / and wow–really, who would’ve thought / that I would have my own records getting ready to drop? / the longer that I’ve been a rap fan / man, I’ve advanced / stepping deeper and deeper into the craft’s sand / my ears have matured / changing what I’m listening for / went from listening to B.o.B. to Kendrick Lamar / went from looking up to Eminem to looking to Lecrae / went from talking bout myself to speaking truth up on the stage / dang, I ain’t ever think that this would happen / man, look at me–an Asian boy whose passion is rapping? / no one saw it coming, guess it had to be fate / and at the end of the day, there’s only one thing I can say and that’s:


Information about the mixtape: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhHGEaLQRUk

Get a physical copy: kaptivated.bandcamp.com/merch


released March 19, 2013

Written, recorded, performed, mixed, and mastered by Edward Sun except when noted otherwise.
Album artwork designed by David Lu.
Photography by Jessie Lian.


all rights reserved



Kaptivated Atlanta, Georgia

Full-time designer, part-time rapper.

Contact: kaptivatedmusic@gmail.com

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