My Endeavor (Season of Outreach)

from by Kaptivated

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[Verse 1]
Yo, my endeavor / won't end ever / I won't bend never / they can take my cheddar / 'cause I got the best Treasure / you see, I couldn't be better / putting my trust in the One who bled for me / I will never be down / with the pleasures and style / of Satan - my Father's enemy / so why you threatening me, tell me, what can people do to me? / you think that sin is free but it's more costly than your jewelry / you can't be the devil's guest without being the Father's debtor / deader than you were; you're being killed by the letter / 2 Corinthians 3:6 - the law it kills, the Spirit gives life / and that is what he done did to me, s'why all of my lyrics are all about Christ / some be talking bout they change, but change changes like seasons / so I don't talk about my dough; I pray my Savior increases / and my savor decreases for the flavor of world / yes I turned from chasing girls after reading in the Word no / more of settling for lesser pleasures, my treasure is Yahweh / if you chasing pleasure in that sin, you chase the wrong thing

[Verse 2]
Now I used to - used to be like them / living super foolishly / but then I viewed the cruelty that I had brought onto my king / so he could give me pardon / from the sin that I was far in / heard this news, I left that garbage / I was harboring in my heart, yeah / I was tryna cover up my dirty flow like a carpet / when in my natural state I was selected - no Darwin / yes he loved me when a sinner / Christ came down and took them splinters / then he rose on Day Three and offers life to all you listeners / so turn to Christ / his Word his life / the truth is humanity's cursed and dying / if you live in iniquity, dissing the Trinity, listen: you'll surely die / when I spit, I perpetuate a new hope / not trying to scare you into following the true Lord / I just want you to see him as your portion / eternity or now, tell me which is more important? / I - I choose the former / cuz ain't nothing like the Lord, your / life is fleeting, hope you registering this like a store clerk / John 8:32 - I preach the truth, the truth will set you free / repent and turn to Jesus - until then, you're still his enemy


from Seasoned Vol. 1, released March 19, 2013
Written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Kaptivated.
Produced by JustWORD.


all rights reserved