Your Grace is Sufficient

from by Kaptivated

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[Verse 1]
God, I’m crying out for help, hard pressed and distressed / I can’t do this by myself, in this mess, I am stressed / I can’t take it any longer, God, I need your intervention / intercession / you have promised so much, I keep forgetting / all of it and lacking faith and having crazy thoughts about my stabbing pain / having shame / I know you used to captivate / but these trials / be wild / God, I’ve lost so many friends / I think about / peacing out / but I know you’ll come through in the end / God, I need you to uphold me in the midst of this pain / God, I need you to show me how to live this for your Name / I want you to be glorified / you to be Lord of my / life, use this horrible strife / through this horror-filled night / would your glory please shine in my weakness / would you, Jesus, be lifted high in my grieving / God, I breathe to / bring you / glory / though I’m feeble / please, Lord, I’m suffering and I loathe it

When I’m ridiculed, hated, and when I’m lonely / when I’m facing tribulation, and when I’m mourning / uphold and remind me that Your grace is sufficient / remind me, Lord, that Your grace is sufficient.

[Verse 2]
You give and take away, but I never thought you’d take her / I didn’t think she was an idol, now I gotta make sure / I know it’s for my good, but O God, this pain hurts / I’m alone, and I’m pained with a lot of straining work / I’m trying to help all my brothers and sisters / but I struggle with limits / in my condition / it’s the toughest ambition / God, they look to me with questions / and expect me to address them / this stress is getting in the way of my closest friendships / Lord, these books are piling up, and these cats just keep on breaking / my patience and my faith, it’s getting difficult to face them / ain’t a trial I can chill / can’t take these times, I’m for real / can’t take this grind by myself / so I’m crying out for help / God you’re faithful to the faithless, remind me of your promises / I’ll cling to your Truth in these trials, when I’m lost in them / and though I’m overwhelmed, I’ll rejoice up in my mourning / ‘cause Psalm 30 helps, joy cometh in the morning


[Verse 3]
God I’m struggling with jealousy, self-pity, solitude / it’s tearing me apart, I need help, what I got to do? / but it isn’t up to me, in all of this, I’m so weak, and my / heart is being broken, everybody don’t see it, I / follow you, Lord, but I feel so alone in it / even in the Church, yes, I’ve begun to notice it / all of this pain hurts and pierces my soul / it isn’t looking good, God, I’m fearing the toll / it’s gonna take, Father, this is impossible without you / with you, everything is possible, your power’s true / I’m ‘bout to lead, but my King, look at all my detriment / it’s evident that I’m frail, so I’ll fail if I wrestle this / I’m begging you, uphold me / hold me / closely / even if it’s slowly / I don’t care, God, I’m lonely / the troubles of my heart are enlarged, breaking in pain / remember me, O Lord, for the sake of Your Name



from Seasoned Vol. 1, released March 19, 2013
Written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Kaptivated.
Produced by NextGenerationBeats.


all rights reserved